Monday, February 02, 2004

February is Complicated: Ryan Lizza, at TNR, does as good a job as anyone at parsing the delgate counts and campaign strategies for this short but important political month.

Here's the easy part though:

Surveying this hodgepodge of contests preceding Super Tuesday on March 2, when 10 states worth 1,151 delegates will vote, John Kerry's three main rivals have come up with strategies for stopping him. None of the plans seems very promising.
I'd have to agree. By no means does Kerry have things wrapped up, but I'd hate to be called on for a hopscotch plan that puts, say, Lieberman in Boston with more than a token number of delegates. For Kerry, the strategy is easy: don't screw up. Expect to see the media comment upon the return of the droning, boring Kerry of last year (and not the energized, flashy Kerry of . . . ummm, when?), as he tries his damnedest not to make any idiotic statements before he's wrapped up several hundred delegates.

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