Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Eating Evil: Neil Steinberg writes, over at Reason, of politically correct foods, and his week-long effort to shun them entirely. It's unsparing in its contempt for PC:
. . . the next day I brave McDonald's, the belly of the beast for the cow-hugging set. They hate McDonald's because it grinds up more beef than any other enterprise, and because its heinous, grossly American model of mechanized cow slaughter is so successfully spreading all across the globe.

This irks those who, indoctrinated by the adult version of Disney cartoons, National Public Radio, are morally opposed to any foreign cuisine that isn't a corn tortilla baked on a hot stone.

It's also very funny. Here he is discussing the tragedy that is milk-fed veal:
My wife initially balks. "Judaism believes in the humane treatment of animals," she says, but gives in, buys the veal, and serves it up in a stew of carrots and peas over thick slices of bread. Very savory. Chewing luxuriously, I dangle before myself the mental image of a calf in its little stall to see if it upsets my gustatory pleasure. Not a qualm. I've spent 17 years in a little box at the Chicago Sun-Times, where I work, and nobody is having a pity party for me. And hey, veal tastes better than beef, so the little fellow's sacrifice is not in vain.

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