Monday, August 04, 2003

Various: Kurtz has his usual dandy roundup today with a focus on Dean's grab of the Time and Newsweek covers. Worth reading Kurtz, if not the whole articles. (Alter, Newsweek's scribe, is overrated, I think. And Viking Pundit heard the story was crap besides. I like Tumulty on Hardball, so I was more inclined to read her story. By the way, don't miss the sidebar to her story that compares the backgrounds of Bush and Dean -- look at Howie's picture from, I presume, college. Wow! How can you see that and not think, "Didn't I used to buy pot from that guy . . .?")

Kurtz also mentions the Cali recall, quoting the SF Chronicle:

Democratic Gov. Gray Davis and his supporters say they will ask the California Supreme Court today to delay the vote until the March 2004 primary and also place Davis' name on the ballot. . .

"In Davis' petition, his attorneys say that the governor should be allowed to have his name on the ballot as a replacement candidate -- separate from the issue of whether he should be recalled."

If he gets either of those requests, particularly getting his name in the list of replacements, he's golden. Even if he loses the up/down vote, he could easily still win as a replacement. As I mentioned last week, his support won't go much lower than 25%. I argued that that group, plus voters disgusted by the recall, could win him the up/down vote. But his core 25% alone could win him a replacement vote with Issa, Riordan, and a handful of independents in the race.

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