Monday, August 04, 2003

Political Giving: A a question less often asked. Howard Dean, in his amazing feat of successful fundraising on the internet, has captured the interest of all the other campaigns. How did he do it? Can the success be replicated, or does Dean's base feature more web-savvy members than any other candidate's? Here's what I want to know. With, obviously, thousands and thousands of small donations pouring into this dark-horse campaign that started out on a (comparative) shoestring, how are they possibly vetting all of these donations? If Dean is giving this matter due diligence, he must be eating up incredible resources. I'm not suggesting anything here, but it seems that the easiest thing in the world would be to bankroll a candidate via small donations over the internet. It's much cleaner than, say, picking up a bunch of consecutively numbered money orders at a buddhist temple.

My bet -- just on a hunch -- is that Dean may be giving some money back before long.

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