Wednesday, October 05, 2005

More cheers to me: I believe I win a portion of our football picks with this news:
Lady luck struck Alex Smith last week at Warriors Barron Davis’ Foundation
Casino Fundraiser event. The rookie quarterback stockpiled enough chips at the
blackjack table to go home as the grand prize winner of a $15,000 trip. Good
fortune again found the first overall pick again on Tuesday with 49ers head
coach Mike Nolan naming Smith as the team’s starting quarterback in place of Tim
Others have been injured, but I believe Rattay is the first QB benched purely for monumental suckiness. So bring me all your finest meats and cheeses. And let Green Bay win at least a couple. 'Cause that pick's not looking so hot.


Razor said...

Yeah, but most improved team thus far? Washington is starting to look awfully prescient.

Razor said...

Well, there's Brooks Bollinger of the Jets being replaced by Vinny (my tryout didn't fare so well; roids test came up positive)...but I don't recall his name being on the lips of too many pundits at the start of the season.

Flyer said...

Curse your eye for detail, man. Technically, though, Bollinger and Rattay get benched at the same time, week 5. Can't always trust what comes out of a coach's mouth, although I guess we can be sure Bollinger won't see any more playing time. I thought Herm Edwards was going to cry in the press conference when he had to announce him as the starting QB.

And Washington still has lot of tough teams to play, your Iggles for example. We'll see.

Razor said...

And now word comes that JP Losman of the Bills of Buffalo is being benched in favor of second-string extraordinaire, Kelly Holcomb.