Tuesday, October 25, 2005

More Race: Robinson, like the rest of the civil rights establishment, will only acknowledge failure. Do you know how long he will think of black people as not "fully . . . insiders in this society"? As long as they're black. For him, race defines everything.

Moreover, you know the progressive line that "nobody is free as long as one person is oppressed"? (You know, the maxim they bring up whenever a right-wing junta takes over a Latin American country, but conveniently forget when someone like their buddy Saddam rules a country like Nero.) Well, the modern civil rights establishment says that America is a failure as long as one person is a bigot. The hell with that. Bigotry is part of the human condition. And skin color has no more to do with it than any number of other reasons, viz Northern Ireland. Holding out for perfection is simply a way of lying to yourself that you're being fair while secretly rooting for failure.

Finally, what Robinson writes is simply the polished-up version of what the real black hatemongers say, and which Robinson clearly agrees with: Rice (and Colin Powell, for that matter) is in his world "inauthentic" because her parents tried to protect her from the worst of Jim Crow; she has committed the unforgivable sin of serving in (gasp) a Republican administration; that she is a "race traitor" who still sees the white man as "the massa."

Folks, you want to see what is wrong with race relations in our society? Gene Robinson is all you need to look at. When you make it your business to tear down, smear, and spew filth at successful blacks, you make your own bed. Take a wild f*cking guess who taught young black males to see crime and bastardy and misogyny as "authentic" and education and advancement as "acting white." Black men like Gene Robinson.

He can go to hell.


Anonymous said...

Eugene Robinson may as well have accused Rice of being an Uncle Tom. I would have never thought that the prestigious Washington Post would allow such a writer to berate our National Security Advisor for being who she is. Rice, being an African American, with a privileged upbringing is not her fault. It is commendable that she was able to take advantage of her fortunate circumstances and turn that opportunity into success during such a difficult time for black Americans. I have seen so many people with more opportunities than they know what to do with, only to piss it away. What should be highlighted is the fact that her being black AND a female did not get in her way of earning a bachelor's degree, a master's, and a Ph.D. along with honorary doctorates from Morehouse College, University of Alabama, Notre Dame, Louisville, and Michigan State. Robinson seems to neglect the fact that Rice's 15 years of extensive experience dealing in foreign policy matters makes her "worldview so radically different from that of most black Americans." Sorry but most White Americans, Latino Americans, Asian Americans, and Black Americans don't have the slightest idea what they are talking about when it comes to foreign policy. If it were that simple, then we wouldn't need to have committees, analysts, and experts. Robinson would have you think that Rice has turned her back on the Black community, but in reality, Rice is a shining example of how a society can start becoming colorblind. Remember Martin Luther King Jr's dream for his four children to "one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." I urge Eugene Robinson and anybody else that agrees with his assessment of Condoleeza Rice to reread Martin Luther King Jr's famous speech and then reconsider the question Robinson poses at the beginning of his article. "Is she blind, is she in denial, is she confused -- or what?" No, Mr. Robinson, she is not. Stop playing the race card. You expect Black Americans to be bitter about what happened decades ago and nobody can blame them for being bitter. However that's history and nobody should dwell on the past and allow it to interfere with what they are trying to achieve TODAY. Especially not, Condoleeza Rice.

enobarbus said...

Or, in other words, she hasn't devoted her life to the parochial grievances of the black community.

How dare she get herself a life while others are the victims of a racist white America! How dare she try to run off the plantation!

VirginiaDem said...

Quite frankly I was affronted by Robinson's racist article. Like the line where blacks are supposed to help other blacks. I guess he shouldn't mind when whites help other whites. I'm a liberal and I think Rice is weak but I don't like Robinson and his shamefully shared typical version of the beligerent east coast black/African American/whatever view of the world which basically comes only in two colors.