Monday, October 31, 2005

Alito Shuffle: Arrrghh! You dick! Can we just agree that this one is qualified? I mean, look, I didn't carp when Ginsburg and Breyer were overwhelmingly confirmed. Sure, they're as liberal as Dick's hatband (note last week's full frontal fellating of Breyer in the New Yorker; fawning doesn't come close), but they were, in fact, qualified. The GOP at least had the glancing familiarity with reality to admit that they lost two straight to His Royal Pantslessness and hence had to roll over for Bill's Supremes picks. But the Dems will fight till the cows come home to convince us that, despite previous Alito's confirmation to the federal bench at 100-0, he is, in fact, an unqualified, dangerous crypto-fascist. So they won't dare let the will of the electorate run its course.

In the end, that's what galls the Democrats so: They just know, dammit, know that they're right. Those dumbasses in the red states should learn that democracy is best when tempered by the judgement of their betters. (See Iran, Islamic Republic of.)

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