Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Adios, Rosa: Rosa Parks, an avatar of the civil rights movement, possibly even more so than MLK, is dead at 92. Sadly, within her lifetime the spirit and dignity of the movement was trampled by its own second generation (first, if you count Jesse Jackson), and the power the movement gathered was debased by trivial use (e.g., "health care is a civil right" or "abortion is a civil right" or "living my life without hearing anyone say something disagreeable is a civil right").

That's right: The moral force of poor, oppressed black people struggling against tyranny (yes, Jim Crow was a selective tyranny) was hijacked to justify lifestyle choices of middle-class white liberals. And the civil rights establishment went right along like a lapdog. The NAACP, if it still has a shred of self-respect, can put that in its pipe and smoke it this week.

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