Thursday, October 06, 2005

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines: And let the baseless slanders fly!
In a decision hailed by free-speech advocates, the Delaware Supreme Court on Wednesday reversed a lower court decision requiring an Internet service provider to disclose the identity of an anonymous blogger who targeted a local elected official.

In a series of obscenity-laced tirades, the bloggers, among other things, pointed to Cahill's "obvious mental deterioration," and made several sexual references about him and his wife, including using the name "Gahill" to suggest that Cahill, who has publicly feuded with Smyrna Mayor Mark Schaeffer, is homosexual.

I'm reminded, tangentially, of Tom Lehrer's ode to the Supreme Court, "Smut."
Who needs a hobby like tennis or philately
I've got a hobby, rereading Lady Chatterley

But now they're trying to take it all
Away from us unless
We take a stand, and hand in hand
We fight for freedom of the press, in other words -- Smut

I love it
Ah, the adventures of a slut
Oh, I'm a market they can't glut
I don't know what
Compares with smut
Hip, hip, hooray
Let's hear it for the Supreme Court
Don't let them take it away

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