Monday, October 03, 2005

A Question for the Both of Youse: So if you're so goddamn smart, who would you pick? Remember, the Dems are going to filibuster anybody seriously conservative (because they lied when they said they wouldn't), PFAW is going to call them a Nazi (because that's what they call anyone to the right of Steve Breyer), and your conservative "base" is going to abandon you in droves (because trying to figure out what counts as a solidly "conservative" judge among the base is like trying to catch a greased hog).

G'head, let's hear some names.

More: Color me kneejerk, but I'm suspicious when I hear the left telling Bush he's making a mistake. (Via Jeff.)

Let me be clear. I don't know if she's qualified, brilliant, whatever. My point is that Bush would get bitching from the same quarters no matter what.

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Flyer said...

Hey, I don't have to do the WH's job for them. Janice Brown would have been a tough sell, but at least you get to force the democratic party to filibuster a black woman. Same thing with Emilio Garza, except he's an hispanic man. Either way, you get a political upside even if the candidate isn't confirmed.

Yes, everybody appoints cronies. But you're supposed to get something out of it, something big when it's this important of a post. And since Bush is kinda playing to type already, he needed to make sure the pleasure was worth the pain.

Maybe I'm wrong and the payoff is that Miers is just that damn good. Bush says she is, I'm just cautiously skeptical and think there might have been a better way to proceed.