Monday, October 03, 2005

Razor's Comment, Re: Cronyism: Oh, come on, Razor. Where was your outrage when Clinton picked crony (and felon) Webb Hubbell to run the DoJ? (Let's not even pretend that Clinton ever expected Reno to issue the orders. She was a beard, present simply because Hubbell was too shady for the top spot.)

Liberals always seem to have the scales fall from their eyes when Republicans do something fairly mild, but are blind when someone in their own party does something comparatively hideous. Remember Bob Packwood? I mean, who was a bigger threat to the demure professional females of Capitol Hill, Binaca Bob or Slick Willie? Guess whose dalliances amounted to a "firing offense"?

[Want a current example? Liberals are shocked, shocked! to hear of Tom DeLay's "scandalous" fund raising connections. But Al "No Controlling Legal Authority" Gore was just the victim of a right-wing smear job. And who gets indicted?]

Of course she's a crony. That's how people get jobs in Washington. Hell, at least with this president, unlike some others I could name, we can be pretty sure that he's not doing this because he gave her Herpes.


Razor said...

No, do not misunderstand my point (which I'll grant you was poorly made). Cronyism is not the issue, although it's become the new hot button cause celebre in the media.

I just think it's lazy. You know, if the American people want to vote into office someone whose only experience for being President was that s/he ran student council for two terms in high school -- fine; will of the people and all.

But, for an appointee to be rocketed to the head of the class, soley because she's buddy with the appointer (and b/c she knows his secrets), well...that's just lazy.

The SCOTUS is supposed to be the pinnacle of a legal career that starts with a good legal education and then is slowly built (a la Roberts) upon sound legal reasoning, with some real ability shown in crafting decisions, or being an innovator in the legal field.

But being buddies with the Prez? I don't get it.

enobarbus said...

Bah! It was the pinnacle of a legal career long ago and far away. Now it's understood that the most brilliant legal minds are by their very nature disqualified. Name one brilliant legal mind who could get confirmed today.