Friday, October 28, 2005

He knows her heart: Now that the Miers debacle is over with, we can move on to guessing the next nominee (I have my pick, below).

By the way, all this MSM hoo-ha about the "extreme" right wing pushing her out the door, while certainly partially true, as usual, misses the entire point. The "extreme" right wing didn't want her because they were terrified of her incoherent, and let's face it, somewhat lefty-sounding, constitutional "history." But that shouldn't cover up the fact that she was totally unqualified for the job. Sure, Senator Reid wanted her in b/c he was afraid of what is around the corner (some slobbering intelligent design pusher no doubt). He figured Miers would be at worst an O'Connor voter (without you know, the intellect), but at best, Ginsberg's best buddy. Or maybe she and Souter would do a little robe-swapping and hey, things are looking up. Anyway, it would have been an example of sheer political cynicism from both sides. Good riddance.

Anyway, what I'm suggesting is something totally different. Bush still wants to nominate a woman. He still wants to nominate someone he knows and trusts. Hmmm, maybe someone he really knows and trusts! What's that? ... No. No! I wasn't going to say his wife, Laura Bush. Silly (although she does look very poised in that picture).

I meant his daughter, Laura Bush. After all, W has known her for her entire life! Think of the jurisprudence: eradicate the drinking age as unconscion...unscient...inconvenient; inalienable right to lip gloss; eminent domain over keg parties. Specter would crumble before her.

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Flyer said...

Do they still teach nervous public speakers to picture their audience naked? A jumpy solicitor general could find himself shipped to Gitmo for stuttering before the bench.