Monday, October 03, 2005

Is She That Good? To your point, Flyer, honestly, I doubt she's that good, but she may surprise. The point is that his pick is a very clear statement. Bush picked someone with no paper trail. In other words, he's ducking the fight. If you think he's being spineless, I'll give you that. Razor might have come close by saying "lazy." It even shows misplaced priorities, since what counts as judicial disqualification (Dems: Conservative + pulse = disqualified) is a fight that we must have at some point.

Face it, the Dems will massacre anyone who even dresses to the right. You either go with someone with no paper trail, but whom you trust, or you roll the dice on another Souter, and really burn your base for the next 30 years. Bush's choice is the smarter choice.

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