Friday, October 28, 2005

Indictments afoot: How do you know you're about to be indicted? You suffer a traumatic injury to your lower-most extremity.

To wit: Councilman Mariano in my fair city of Philadelphia. Mr. Mariano is being indicted on taking bribes (gasp!) in return for steering business (gasp! gasp!). The fun was last week when the news went public, Mr. Mariano decided to take a tour of the bell tower of City Hall, right across the street from my office. Unfortunately for Mr. Mariano, the observation deck is enclosed in plexiglass. Bonus points, however, for him being a licensed gun-carrier, which caused a mad scramble of police and rescue types. Nonetheless, he calmly walked out and said he was just "clearing his mind" -- a task, that for him, should have been accomplished on his first step up the tower.

Now comes: Scooter Libby. We'll know today for sure, but he took the precaution of hobbling himself just in case.

Me: I'm taping up the ankles.

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