Tuesday, August 05, 2003

What's in the Current Issue of Your Own Magazine? The Antic Muse is just wondering:
What magazines you read don't say that much about you. What says more about you: The ads that appear in the magazines you read. For instance: Modern women's magazines' editorial content consists of benign feel-good affirmations -- "Love your body!" or "Look great at any age!" or "Take charge at work!" -- but their advertising -- for weight-loss formulas, "age-defying" pseudo-ceuticals, and uncomfortable lingerie -- belies any intimation of post-feminist progress.
Whatever you read, you've been pigeonholed. As long as you're reading serious stuff, that is, since there's no mention of the typical, say, Big Jugs reader. You can set your imagination free on what the ads therein might say of you.

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