Thursday, August 07, 2003

Total Recall Election: (I've been saving that one). Anyway, I had originally posted when FoxNews came out declaring he wouldn't run, that it made sense, given that this guy must have scheduled events for the next five years of his life. But, he obviously found a way to get around them. Clearly, he has already shown why he is the master of publicity (this is a man who has been selling himself even when no one could understand a word he said), and his tactics thus far have been impeccable. I love your strategy, and based on what I've been reading about him (admittedly, all positive spins), the man knows his policy - perhaps not down to every last cent California can expect from FEMA (or whatever FEMA is called these days) in the even of a locust plague, but certainly enough that when blended with his enormous charisma and identity, will quickly swallow up Davis. Better still, his salary should go to some under-funded, or about-to-be-cut after-school program, of which he is the unrivaled champion.

Did he do steroids, smoke pot, and get a little grabby with the women? Most likely yes, yes and maybe, but none of these things will really matter to the average Californian ("Who you calling 'average,' dude?"). With the Democrats scrambilng to dive off the platform, Die Terminator seems exceptionally well positioned to grab the office. And, even though he's related to the Kennedy clan, you have to imagine he'll have all kinds of help from strategy to fund-raising (assuming he won't completely fund this himself) from a deep pool of political wonks.

So, what's left is 1) can this guy make good decisions, and 2) can he actually do something about CA's deficit? The former seems reasonably assured - he has made few mis-steps in a remarkable career, in a world that makes politics seems downright genteel. As for the latter, it's perhaps too early to tell, and will certainly depend on a variety of factors over which he has no control. In times of economic down-turns, leaders do best to make their constitutents feel positive, even when the news is grim. If this guy can't make 'em smile, no one will.

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