Monday, August 11, 2003

Per your suggestion: Just got back from seeing Johhny English. It has the two things any great comedy must have: laughs (well duh!) and brevity. Less than 120 minutes, with previews. Many of the gags were pretty obvious and campy, not too different from what you'll find in American Pie 4 (oh, they'll make it). The difference is that Rowan Atkinson pulls it off with charming innocence and style, making you laugh instead of turn your head. John Malkovich pulls off a horrible French accent, intentionally bad that is. And Natalie Imbruglia (those lips!) fails to offend as an actress, mainly because she's kept in a truly supporting role. Come in, let Atkinson deliver the punch line, then get out. And you can understand when Johnny loses his focus, briefly, when she stares at him across the table. Charming.

And it was all done with little wasted effort, or wasted time. Very good.

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