Thursday, August 14, 2003

Of course Mickleton could be 20-under: ...and he'd still lose to Tiger. I checked the leader boards just now. Only one in top 10 I recognized besides Phil, was Mike Weir. Not that I could pick most golfers out of a line-up, but still, this can't be good for ratings. Woods is +2, with John Daly at +3. Yes, it's early, but whatever happened to Tiger holding to a comfortable lead? Of late, it's been, on the final days, the commentators saying: "Even though he's six off the pace, if anyone can come back, it's Tiger." Well, he's not coming back lately is he? Thanks for the match play primer. It's like making the first round of the NBA playoffs go best-of-seven. The fear is that the favorite will get wiped out due to a bad game or two. All bow to t.v.

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