Tuesday, August 05, 2003

National News: Yeah, I know this one has made the rounds -- the school superintendent who failed a literacy test -- thrice:
This city's superintendent of schools, who recently put two dozen teachers on unpaid leave for failing a basic English proficiency test, has himself flunked a required literacy test three times.

Wilfredo T. Laboy called his failing scores "frustrating" and "emotional." He blamed his performance on a lack of preparation and concentration, as well as the fact that Spanish is his first language.

He goes on to prove he's stupid as well as illiterate:
"It bothers me because I'm trying to understand the congruence of what I do here every day and this stupid test," Laboy told The Eagle-Tribune of Lawrence in a story published Sunday.
He fails to see the congruence in requiring the superintendent of schools to be literate? Wait long enough and everything that's wrong with public education will come forth from this idiot's mouth, I bet.

I have to help pay his freaking salary? And he makes . . . wait for it . . . $156,560. The median household income in Lawrence, Massachusetts, where he serves, is about $27,000 -- consistently among the five poorest towns in the state.

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