Monday, August 11, 2003

How to [not] apologize: So, Jeremy Shockey comes out and says that he's "sorry for everything [he] said that offended people." This is akin to the famous non-apology: "I'm sorry for what happened." Most tellingly, he's not even admitting he said the word "homo" in reference to Bill Parcells (funny, Parcells is many things, but "homo" doesn't seem to fit - I mean, gawd, have you seen the shorts he wears??). Morever, he doesn't even view what he said as his fault. Rather, it's the media playing gotcha:
"Things I say, whether they're right or wrong or whether they get printed as right or wrong, it doesn't matter," he said. "It is my fault for doing the interview. It's my fault for letting him get the best of me, and it is not going to happen again, I can tell you that."
The interviewer clearly hypnotized Shockey into saying whatever it is he said. This is classic circle-the-wagons strategy: put on a brave face, apologize ambiguously to someone, then place the blame for it happening on the press - then promptly shut up and let your comrades rush to your defense, as if having a bunch of NFL players attest to your good character is helpful.

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