Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Gay Bishops - Checkmate: I completely agree with Eno on this in that if some group of people wants to get together under the auspices of the Bible, and they want to read into it that gay men can't be Bishops, then so be it. Of course, the real point is that why now is this guy getting all the attention? It seemed fine that he was a gay priest for the past 20-odd years. His parish liked him just fine. No one in the Anglican Church asked him to step down. Sooo, if he's just as a legitimate member of the Church hierarchy as the next guy (and he must be if he's allowed to stay), then what says he can't be a Bishop? All of the outisde criticism (i.e., that other groups don't like what the members of another, loosely-related group does within its own four walls) is like patching the hole in a ship on the bottom of the ocean - too late. If they were good and outraged from the onset, maybe their "grief" would be more understandable - but their shrieking now has the feel of an ostrich taking its head out of the sand only as it's about to be eaten. God, my metaphors suck.

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