Thursday, August 14, 2003

The Dems in Philly: Funny story from the Dems visit, en masse, to Philly (leaving Kerry and his eating problems aside) - this relayed by a friend of mine who watched most of it. So, the candidates are at the new Constitution Center on this Monday past, doling out their one-liners on what is wrong with Bush and why he/she is the way to go, blah, blah, blah (sponsored by some "Local Brotherhood of Nail Benders 48"). But they all focus in on the Democratic platform, which is universal health-care this, global prescription plans that. Afterwards, real people are allowed to get up and ask a question. Well, this guy gets up and introduces himself as being from London, Ontario. He then goes on to tell them that all these "ideas" being batted around simply don't work. The rhetoric is fine for the American people, he notes, because we have no practical experience with it. But, he, who lives in such a "socialized" environment, was there to tell the candidates that their plans on how to spend our money is like so much dreaming - these systems are inefficient and they drain too much money out of the government, and hence, the people. Pretty nifty, eh?

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