Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Big trouble in the bible belt: Filthy language and suggestive advertising. A group wanted to put up billboards that said, "It's okay to be gay."
"Because it's targeted to kids, this would be very, very offensive to parents of those children. It's a message that sounds encouraging," said R. Joe Applegate Jr., general manager of Adams' office in Charlotte.
So Adams Outdoor refused the slogan and the business from support group Time Out, who were ponying up $6,200 for five billboards. Glad business is going so well for Adams Outdoor that they can piss away six grand.

I'm not totally comfortable with sexualizing kids' lives by forcing them to "choose" at a young age and declare their preference. But let's face it, the sex genie is out of the bottle by the time a kid is off the bottle, or so it seems. Do you think Adams would refuse an ad from Guess Jeans or MTV? Maybe here in the Carolinas, if they were pressured enough. Or they might just take the money.

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