Wednesday, April 02, 2003

We'll Never Live This Down: Oddly, I heard about this photo yesterday on NPR, when one of the ATC hosts was interviewing (I shan't go so far as to say "fellating") some members of the Arab media. One of the interviewees mentioned this picture as an example of the invading Americans and their disregard for civilian lives. Ah, but now we find out it was a photoshopped picture. First, you won't hear on NPR today, I suspect, any clarification on the picture (nor will the truth about the genesis of this picture ever reach Egypt, for example). Second, where on earth does NPR get off lobbing softballs to the Arab press? Can't they find someone who will at least challenge some of the bigoted assumptions coming from a closed media society? Could they get a rebuttal interviewee? Someone from MEMRI, perhaps, to shed some light on the purposeful suffocation of the truth by government-controlled press in Arab countries?

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