Wednesday, April 30, 2003

More Road Map: There are several things at work here, but one of the most important is the challenge that Bush laid down to the diplomatic world view. Remember how Brent Scowcroft confessed to despairing over the breakup of the Soviet Union? That's the world view: preferring the status quo, whatever the drawbacks or imperfections; preferring the devil you know to the Pandora's box that comes with dramatic change. This is no slight to Scowcroft et al, people who think the world can be moved by tiny degrees. Bush, on the other hand, set down a fulcrum and picked up a long pole. There will be times when he'll need to show some finesse, and he needs to keep cool heads (Powell, his father, maybe Condi Rice) around him for those moments. For now, though, he deserves some credit from the NPR hand-wringer types who tsk-tsked at his willingness to force a dramatic change on a violent stalemate.

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