Thursday, April 03, 2003

Kerry's Flip-Flopping: He supports the war, except he doesn't see the need for it. He's behind the troops, though he's not entirely sure why they're there. He thinks diplomacy could have won the day, even though no reasonable person has any evidence to conclude that French intransigence was anything more than a self-serving ploy. (Which effectively means that, when Kerry says he wants to have a "a golden age of American diplomacy," he means he's willing to be the plaything of a hostile UN.) Recently he said he wants to tone down his criticism of the Bush administration, which is why he's now calling for "regime change" in America. It's getting to the point where even his supporters might have trouble knowing where he stands at any given minute. I think he's Jimmy Carter, minus the former president's ability to use ostentatious piousness and a huckleberry facade to hide his cutthroat politics.

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