Monday, April 07, 2003

Annan Says U.N. Role in Iraq Will Add Legitimacy: Yes, that's really the headline you see in this article. When in this sordid process did the UN add legitimacy to anything? In fact, isn't that why we're there without them in the first place, that they refused to "legitimize" the war? Yesirree, having an organization with Syria (ahem, Syria -- you know, the country that took Saddam's side) on the security council give you the nod is a must-have for any international project! I can't wait to see their faces when Bush slams the door to Baghdad on the UN's nose, and Blair shrugs and says to Kofi Annan, "After your posturing and dicking around, can you blame him?" Yes, I inhabit a dreamworld, since some way, somehow the UN will weasel its way back in. But, for now, indulge me my fantasies.

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