Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Take me out to the context: It only took Santorum 24 hours to say that his comments were "taken out of context." God, when will we stop using that excuse? Even if it's true, it doesn't mean anything any more. Everytime someone reads that defense, one's eyes automatically begin to roll upward, and a groan emits from the diaphragm. Where are his advisors? I would never allow my guy to use that as an excuse. Let some flak make that play, but not the guy himself. Why doesn't he just explain what he meant? Don't dance, don't deny, don't dodge. His position is legally defensible, if ideologically somewhat of a nightmare (either from the "gay rights" angle or from the conservative angle). First, it's a bit silly for Sully and others to act shocked that someone who is part of the government machine would say that the government's rights trump the individuals. Does the name John Ashcroft ring a bell? This is the time for major, major expansion of government powers. I don't know who everyone thought they were electing (didn't Bush promise to make the government smaller???), but they got FDR's evil twin. FDR gave the money away to the people, Bush is giving it away to himself and his cabinet. Lines are being blurred constantly as to the boundaries of "individual rights." Santorum is as paternalistic towards the populace as Clinton ever was. Once you're on "the Hill" you think you know best, and you usually have millions of dollars sittting in your coffers saying you're right. Anyway, to bring this back, Santorum should just say that "we" want everyone to act in accordance with what we think is best; gay, straight, poor, rich, left, right.

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