Tuesday, April 15, 2003

An Interesting Read: City Journal is the Manhattan Institute's periodical, and it has, in the past, often served as a megaphone for so-called compassionate conservatism. (The editor is Myron Magnet, whose writings have influenced G.W. Bush, and contributors include former liberal Harry Stein and thoughtful iconoclast John McWhorter.) This piece, from the Spring 2003 issue, caught my eye: Queering the Schools, it's called. I'm afraid we have to call a spade a spade and declare a certain strain of leftist thought a "religion" in order to keep it out of the schools. This kind of gay-friendly indoctrination is no different from the indoctrination featured in schools that want to push Darwin out the door in the name of "promot[ing] tolerance and acceptance of diversity of opinion." It is pseudo-scientific (and, in the case of GLSEN, social science, which was never really science to begin with) rubbish, forced on children by adults with an axe to grind and an agenda to push. Just as the tobacco industry is said to prey upon the young in an effort to boost their sales, so too do various special interest groups reach out to children, well aware that their relatively impressionable state and respect for authority are boons for their cause when it comes to proselytizing. This sort of propaganda tactic is straight out of the PETA handbook. The PETA campaign in elementary schools against dairy consumption, however, was not taxpayer funded; GLSEN's activities often are.

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