Thursday, April 24, 2003

Newsflash: "Dogs have fleas.": N.Korea admits today that it already has nukes. Oh now, this changes everything, because before, we were operating under the assumption that it had no nukes said it didn't. Well, why should we doubt anything the the frustrated movie director cum bloodthirsty tyrant might say? The best part is, of course, N. Korea will get what it wants and we'll pretend it didn't. I mean, this is a country that can't produce food - something the species has been doing pretty well, oh, since it fell from the trees (or was divinely created about 6,000 years ago - you choose). And it's not like they're in some desert where stuff don't grow. But hell, they've got nuclear rods, so lets treat them like they're at the adult table and "negotiate" because lord knows they won't be pulling this stunt again once our influx of aid and food runs out. No sirree. When they say they're gonna stop making nuclear weapons they mean it. They'll even sign a treaty to show how serious they are.

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