Monday, April 07, 2003

A little late?: Yahoo announces that it's upgrading its search engine to include not just links, but information with its results. Apparently Google has gotten a little too big for its britches - actually, it's the No. 1 search engine. Funny, but Yahoo can be accused of being too fixed in the "old" internet economy, while Google has best grasped what went wrong earlier, and learned from it. Namely, Yahoo wanted to be this "destination portal" that offered not just information searches, but travel, news, products, and hell, match-making. Typically, companies that are really good one or two things tend to suck when they try to do everything (go ahead, buy a "stylish" watch from shoe-designer Kenneth Cole...go ahead, I can wait...). Yahoo thought it should be everything to everyone. Now, has Yahoo done a pretty good job? Well for many things, yes. They offer good bulletin board services, email, searches, and breaking news (links, not reporting). But when you just want relevant searches done with minimal fuss and flashing banners, Google is the way to alluded to here earlier. Anyway, Google has thus far resisted the siren call of banner advertising (Yahoo can actually remember when those things made a profit), and instead focuses on its algorithims. Still, the competition is good, and I look forward to the outcome.

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