Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Too Much T.V.?: When the war began, the powers that be seemed to allow Iraqi t.v. to stay on-line, because, conventional wisdom held, it would be beneficial to the cause for the Iraqis to see their "elite" (don't forget in Iraq this means "fed and clothed") troops throwing down their weapons and running into the arms of waiting "Coalition" forces to denounce their oppressive former ruler. Well, then that didn't happen, and t.v. only served to disseminate the grainy images of "Saddam" and the increasingly belligerent Sahaf, spouting fire and brimstone our way. So, then we took greater efforts to destroy the transmitters, etc. only to find Saddam had put a lot of his communications underground. Now, it's pretty irrelevant, as we may have nabbed the Big Kahuna himself. By the way, I don't think we're killing journalists on purpose. So, if you're running a war, what do you do with state-run t.v.? Me? I hack into it and broadcast my own t.v. showing "Saddam" stomping on a Koran and kissing Bush on the cheek.

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