Monday, April 07, 2003

Infidels at the gate: First of all, you have to love the Iraqi spokesman, Sahaf, and his word-choice. On the one hand, he's full of all the archaic, vaguely religious terminology, promising plagues, burning, and other ominous, if apocryphal, fates. On the other, his English is just bad, bad, bad, and as "stupid" and "silly" as he accuses us of being in our war tactics. Sure, my arabic ain't so good, but then again, I'm not the spokesperson for my government on arab developments. This, from a guy who has to give press conferences outside because there aren't any buildings left for government use. Secondly, you have to wonder about their refusal to admit to any truth that doesn't have the "elite" Republican Guards wiping out the 3rd Infantry. Maybe, to them, it's like the moon landing that never happened. Instead, we built this elaborate mock-up in Nevada, then flew the "embedded" journalists around for 10 hours before landing right back in the U.S. at the Baghdad we built. Then there's the thousands of arab extras we hired to be the opposition. You can imagine the confusion the journalists feel when our troops keep attacking the same group of "soldiers" - each one vying for the opportunity to stage a dramatic death scene.

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