Monday, December 15, 2003

Weekend News: No doubt you were all glued to the TV for at least a few riveting hours Sunday, before the networks ran out of stuff to say and switched back to sports. (Alas, no cable news networks in my house.)

The Dems all gave their obligatory head fakes to the right, insisting that the capture of Saddam upheld exactly those parts of the war they supported. Also, George Bush needs to go back to grovel at the UN for some reason (they weren't really specific regarding why -- but heck: it was a whirlwind day, after all!)

Also worth mentioning are the pictures out of Baghdad of "celebrating" Iraqis. First point: Baghdad appears to have no shortage of young men with Kalashnikovs riding around in Japanese pickups. Second point: I distrust any part of the world where celebration of a major event (whether the capture of a former dictator or an NBA championship) involves semi-automatic fire willy nilly. Remember, all those bullets come down somewhere.

More: Lawrence Kaplan, writing in TNR, explores the domestic and international significance of Saddam in leg irons. He sees a brief boost for Bush, no likely quick drop in the number of attacks on our troops in Iraq, and a spell of trouble for Howard Dean. "But these are all mundane asides," he concludes. "We got the son of a bitch. And today, at least, it all seems worth it."

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