Monday, December 15, 2003

Shape of the Senate: Louisiana Democrat John Breaux will not run in 2004. His seat will likely go Republican. Perhaps Bobby Jindal would like to give it a try? At any rate, as Jindal's gubernatorial race showed, any Democrat running statewide in Louisiana has to run solidly to the right. (Jindal's opponent won on an essentially a pro-gun, pro-life platform.)

Breaux himself was something of a maverick -- pro-life, cautious but willing on vouchers, pro-ANWR drilling, free trader, in favor of Social Security reform, and solid on the Iraq war. (As with Lieberman, look in vain for any resemblance to the current pig-headed Democratic party.) I didn't agree with Breaux much, but he's the kind of serious, intelligent Democrat I hate to see leave the stage. I don't think of myself as particularly Republican, but the Dems are so remarkably unserious lately, I don't see myself voting a D-ticket anytime soon.

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