Wednesday, December 17, 2003

One Ankle or Two?: In my spare time, I like to amuse my self and my intellect with having fun with words. I also don't have many friends. Anyway, here's a game I hope our entire readership can enjoy (hey, the two of you, pay attention!). Take a theme, and then take words from that theme, add or subtract letters to change the meaning, but retain the overall sound and appearance of the word or phrase. Here's a bad example:

Theme: People that take care of things you wear.

Examples: Cobbler becomes Hobbler. Instead of coming in to have your shoes repaired, you come in to have your ankles horribly broken and disfigured. "Hobbling by Misery - Hobbling While you Wait. Bite rods available upon request."

Haberdasher becomes habersmasher. Similar to the above. Instead of being fitted for a snazzy chapeau [and I understand that many haberdashers provide more than just hats - work with me], you come in to have your hats crushed by the hammer-wielding proprieter. Motto: "We'll turn your size 10 into a size 3. Please remove hat before entering store."

Dry cleaner becomes fry cleaner. "Remove pesky oil stains from your french fry. Salt removal extra. Ask us about our 'Super Size' specials."

Look at the fun you can have with words!

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