Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Gore's Snore: Eno, you are much more on point regarding Gore's motives than what I've been reading elsewhere. Much is being made of Gore's break from the center, and his move to energize the Left - the "real" heart of the Demos. Don't be silly. Gore has never been about principle. He wants to dismantle the Clinton machine, and become the new power broker. I guarantee you that if the front-runner had been Lieby or Clark, Gore would have laid low and offered tepid support for either. I highly doubt he would have stuck his neck out for Dean if Dean were in, say, Kerry's current position.

Now, I don't doubt that somewhere deep, deep down, Gore is more of a lefty than Clinton ever was, but it certainly didn't seem to bother him during his 8 years as Veep, and then as a candidate with Lieby. No, Gore will fill the shape of whatever glass he's poured into. It just so happens that Dean's highball is shimmering more brightly than Kerry's champagne flute, Clark's snifter, or Lieby's Kiddush cup.

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