Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Nice Fair Test: Note question 15. The NAACP "a group whose goal is the 'elimination of all barriers to political, educational, social and economic equality." Based on that, would your candidate support or oppose the views of the NAACP, you f*cking racist pig? Change that statement to "The NAACP is a group that once advanced the cause of racial equality, but now functions mainly as a noisemaking, race-baiting "victim's" lobby that, for marketing purposes, wishes to convey the impression that anything bad that happens to any black person, anywhere in America, is caused by racism."

Would that be fair?

The test split me about evenly between Bush and "the Libertarian candidate" (62/59) -- followed distantly by the crowd of thieves known colloquially at the Democrats. Surprisingly, John Edwards (46%) ranked highest of all the Dems. He's barely crossed my mind, other than to chuckle when someone called him "the Senator from Breck."

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