Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Funny if it wasn't so scary: Don't ask me how I find these things, but I do. Presented for your reading pleasure: "The Hidden Agenda of Homosexual Politics" by one Erin Doherty, 11th grade, from 1993. This is posted on a Christian publications website and particularly in a section which invites high school students to post on such far-ranging topics as "China", "Islam" "Rock Music" and, of course, "Homosexuality".

The article is interesting for two reasons: (1) if truly by a high school student (certainly no guarantee of that), then it shows how the hidden agenda of born-again Christian politics can mold our teenagers; and (2) it's from 1993, so let's see how successful the hidden homosexual agenda has been in the past 10 years, despite it being hidden away from prying eyes.
To list all of the goals of the homosexual agenda would be tedious, but the ones on the forefront, in summary, are as follows:

1) Legalize homosexual/lesbian marriages; 2) Give homosexuals/lesbians parental and adoptive rights; 3) Classify HIV positive/AIDS carriers as disabled; 4) Enact "hate-crime" laws to include sexual orientation; 5) Use tax dollars to fund homoerotic AIDS/sex education in all grades; 6) Amend laws to prohibit discrimination in employment, housing, public accommodation, and public services; 7) Prohibit the military to exclude anyone because of sexual preference; 8) Repeal all state sodomy laws; 9) Repeal laws controlling the age of sexual consent."
Number 1 - just about there, so we'll chalk this up as a near-win. Number 2 - I think that's pretty much a given today, so a full win. Number 3 - I'm not totally up on my ADA regulations, but I'm pretty sure you can't discriminate on the basis of AIDS, so win again. Number 4 - Certainly Matthew Sheppard's brutal slaying in Colorado brought this ever more to the forefront. Leaving aside the idiocy of the "hate crime" concept as a whole, again, we have a win. Number 5 - Well, her stated agenda is a bit slanted ("homoerotic"), but certainly AIDS awareness is taught in school, and the concept of homosexuality is broached to some degree. Let's call this a partial win (come on you fags, get the school board homoerotically charged up!). Number 6 - easy win. Number 7 - Well, "don't ask, don't tell" doesn't prohibit being discharged if you're outed or admit to it, so we'll label this a loss. Number 8 - wow, talk about timely. Huge wins all around. Finally, Number 9 - I'm not entirely convinced this is really on the agenda, but it is hidden, so how would I know, not being gay myself? I guess this is a loss.

So, 7 wins or partial wins against only 2 losses. The homosexuals are really rocking! Ms. Doherty's solution? Well, let's listen in, shall we?
What can we do about this snowballing battle with the homosexual community? We Christians need to take some form of action soon, for since verbal protesting is not allowed, soon many heterosexuals will be moved to the point of physical aggression. It is crucial to stop the homoerotic teaching in the sex education classes so that the future generation of adults won't be encouraged to imitate such a lifestyle. We should also be aware on the state level of any bill or legislation dealing with this issue, and inform our representatives of our opinion in this matter.

Most importantly, though, we must cease to remain passive, allowing wickedness to seep openly into society and become more entrenched in our culture. We must begin to intercede for a nation on the brink of judgment and destruction as a result of Babylonian practices, and pray for wisdom on how to biblically reform our society, preserving its strong roots of moral values anchored in the rich soil of Christianity.
Sad to say there Erin, ten years later and not only hasn't your counter-strategy worked, you've lost miles and miles of real estate. This just doesn't seem possible seeing as how God is on your side and everything. You don't think, I mean it's not conceivable that just maybe...he's not?

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