Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Durham Debate: I started reading the transcript and got only about 4 screens worth into it before I wanted to yak. The tired rhetoric about "taking America back" and representing the hallowed middle class - can it get any worse? I know I've slammed Sharpton just about every chance I got, and he deserves it, but I'll say this, the guy is quotable as Oscar Wilde. In response to the Gore endorsement:
Al Gore went to New York today. He should have noticed Tammany Hall is not there anymore. Bossism is not in this party. To talk about people ought not run and that people ought...


... to get out of this race is bossism that belongs in the other party.

We waited four years after some of us were disenfranchised, some of us in Duvall County couldn't vote, so we can express ourselves. And we're not going to have any big name come in now and tell us the field should be limited and we can't be heard.


The Republicans shut us up four years ago. Al Gore -- no Democrat should shut us up today. Let the people decide on the nominee. Bossism shouldn't happen.

I know that Governor Dean and Al Gore love the Internet; www.bossism doesn't work on my computer.
I mean, this stuff is priceless. I also suppose it goes with the territory. He knows he has no shot, so he can just yuk it up while Kerry goes on and on about how bad Bush's foreign policy is.

Edwards is getting tired with his "aw shucks" demeanor. This guy is a millionaire plaintiff's lawyer. Yet he talks about the Republicans and their "coronations" as if he was one of the downtrodden. When he begins to talk about the lobbies and special interests in Washington, well, it's just sad. I'd love to see how much he gave to ATLA (the plaintiffs' lawyer group) or any other of the plaintiffs' lobbyists. He is a DIRECT beneficiary of their work in opposing tort reform.

Well, I could go on, but why bother?

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