Monday, November 28, 2005

Nostrazordamus: Harken back to our annual NFL predictions ... harken.

Leave aside everything I said about T.O. and the Eagles -- leave it aside I tell you. Focus instead on my pick for first coach fired. Focus sharply. Wherein I said:
First coach to get fired: Mariucci. Lions fall to say, 2-7, Mooch gets the boot. Matt Millen steps down from front office to show how bad he can really muck things up.

Well, I was off by two games -- I was a bit more pessimistic in how quickly the team would reach 7 losses, but ultimately, 7 losses was the magic number. The Mighty Millen gave Mooch the chance at 4-6 to turn things around, only to be disappointed as the Lions that Didn't Roar fell to 4-7.

But, don't cry for Mr. Mariucci; he'll pick up some cushy college job for next year like Pete Carroll at USC and in 5 years we'll all be hearing about how smart the guy is. No, the real villain is Matt Millen and the Ford family. Why on earth would you give the GM job to a friggin' linebacker? Do you know how many shots to the head those guys take? Everyone knows the only smart players are the offensive linemen.

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