Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Now, How Hard Was That? (Day Late/Dollar Short Dept.) OSM changes its name back to PajamaSomething, or whatever, plus gives a not-really apology to everyone for jerking their chain. Fine, fine. Just what I suggested on Saturday. (Although if they were the big shit in the blogosphere they think they are, they might have figured it out for themselves a week ago.) But then comes this:
So, in the spirit of "open source," we thought we’d tell you the real story behind the reason for our name change.
Nothing that this crew has done so far has even glanced at the "spirit of open source." This is like a major media outlet saying, "In the spirit of full disclosure . . ." weeks after getting socked for their failure to disclose fully in the first place. It's a laughable attempt to put a virtuous face on a clusterf*ck.

Sorry, guys, you lost me at "Hello." If I want to get sold, softsoaped, and bullshat, I'll stick with traditional print and broadcast media.

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GNN Staff Writer said...

I agree. Too many damned primadonnas in blogville.