Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Launchapalooza: Andrew Leigh at NRO covers the upcoming launch of the Pajamas Media venture. Stephen Green is currently winging his way to the coast for the event. Good for them.

I've been reluctant in the past to "blog about blogging." It can be just so much navel-gazing sometimes. I was a late comer to the phenomenon anyway, and I'm not a media professional or a professional writer of any kind (or a lawyer, soldier...er, what do you do, Flyer? Shut Up!). But it seems to me that some big changes are coming to the blogosphere, PM being just the start. Even Andrew has decided to replace the Tip Jar with something a little more steady. His reasons for doing so make perfect sense, and I expect some others will follow suit, though probably not many. For every Sullivan or Kaus, there are many blogs that won't show up on the radar screen of the MSM, or are run by someone who prefers to remain independent.

Best of luck to all, whatever direction they choose.

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