Thursday, November 03, 2005

This is pretty addictive: Shoot, shoot, shoot the zombies! The game is inspired by a HP Lovecraft short story.

My record: Level 16; 202 undead.

There are a couple nifty tricks that help you kill more efficiently, but since I had to figure them out on my own, so will you.


Flyer said...

Pretty rough. I can't make it past stage 6 without making a more substantive commitment leaarning your wise ways. I will say it helps to shoot 'em early, before they get off the ground. But you know, you really shouldn't use force till you've exhausted all other options and parleyed with the undead leaders. So I got killed a lot.

Razor said...

Okay, one hint: to change weapons, press "shift" -- that gives you the shotgun -- but beware, it's a slow re-loader. I use the pistol 90% of the time.

I have no qualms killing them all -- I have it on pretty good authority that the zombies have enriched yellow cake in their skull cavities.

See, I was once an ambassador to Zombie Land, and well...