Sunday, November 20, 2005

For What it's Worth: He said/he said, I suppose, but some interesting reading regarding Pajama/OSM. I sure don't know which is true, but it all sounds pretty crappy any way you slice it.

Link via Althouse.

More: What I hate about blogs. Check out all the comments on Roger's post (linked above). It's all, "Oh, yeah, Roger. You da man! Good job cutting loose that whacko before he burned you. And OSM's critics are drowning in jealousy." Plus other examples of comment trash humping Roger's leg. "This is so high school," says Roger -- meaning the fracas from Dennis the Peasant -- but he could say the same about the starf*cker types in his comments.

Sigh. I'm thinking about quitting blogging again. It's starting to take on a slightly foul vibe.

More More: I guess I'm not quitting right away. Jarvis has more on how to fix OSM. They're good suggestions, though there's probably not enough goodwill floating around. Seems like the only folks saying nice stuff about OSM are on the board. Glenn Reynolds has posted some tepid and bland (surprise!) criticism, and he notes that David Corn has too. Wow, OSM is an equal opportunity load of nebulous crap!

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