Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Exclusive Pajama Party: This concept was inevitable. A while, while back, I threw out a meme regarding how only those blogs which bloggers agree are blogworthy get support on the 'net. It tends to skew to the Right (with a Libertarian bent), and that's fine, but you tend to see more of the same being put out there. The difference was that it was all de-centralized and in the end, these are all just little and not-so-little vanity pieces anyway.

Now, the PJM outfit is going to just centralize that group-think. Looking for like-minded fellows and gals to support and then, on the other hand, that golden "fisking" opportunity where they can pile on and smile smugly, patting one another on the back, noting how yet another threat to liberty has been tamped back into place.

I mean, it has to have an editorial spin, whether acknowledged or not, and that makes it part of the Establishment. Again, fine. It's a free world and all, but I hope they're not supposing that they're going to be part of a 5th Estate in starting this venture.

In some ways, Rathergate was the worst thing that could have happened to blogs. The annual success (the end) is propped up to justify the thousands if not millions of posts generated (the means), most of which offer no more than anything written here -- self-centered ramblings done to amuse oneself or perhaps a small group of friends. In the worst scenarios, it's a huge ego-stroke bent on generating as many comments as possible, whether fawning or insulting, to provide further impetus to keep writing (My public needs me! or Now, I'll really show those bastards!).

Well, no fear here! No one reads us and we don't get any comments!

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