Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Something Fishy: The Globe goes back to a 1971 undergrad paper to praise Alito for backing "privacy and gay rights."

Meanwhile, George Will efficiently debunks the claim that you can't fill a moderate seat with anything but a moderate, saying that "the history of presidential practice -- Democrats should especially study FDR's sweeping alteration of the court's composition -- refutes the rule." He also mentions that Ginsburg herself replaced the conservative "Whizzer" White (so called for the rumor that, in his lower court days, he kept a Sprite bottle under his robe to relieve his bladder during long voir dire).

Finally, I think Chuck Schumer just said Alito might as well be Mussolini's little brother.

Another thing: Who thought up the Democrats' little trick of pre-emptively branding everything "controversial"? Schumer called Alito "controversial" twice (once directly and once implicitly). I don't know of any controversy, other than the fact that the man has a penis and likely sits to the right of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, do you?

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