Tuesday, November 29, 2005

What is wrong with Massachusetts (besides Ted Kennedy)??: Political Correctness has its heart in the wrong place, it's just that it can't stop bleeding all over everyone. The latest example comes from Eno's resident state, er commonwealth: paintings of the Mayflower Compact shouldn't be displayed because the Indi...I mean Native Americans, and wome...I mean womyn, weren't allowed to vote.

It seems local Selectwomyn Sarah Peake, of Provincetown, Mass, didn't like the large oil painting depicting the Pilgrims voting for the Mayflower Compact because the lone Native American portrayed therein doesn't have a ballot, and none of the womyn could vote ... you know because it was 1620!

So...let's stop using any of our U.S. lucre, save either the Susan B. Anthony dollar coin, or better yet the newer "gold" Sacagewea coin, b/c there you have not only a female, er femail (?), but also a heroic Native American. Yes, this could get a bit tough during the holiday season, what with you having to cart around, ummm, carts to hold your money in, but think of all the feelings that will be spared!

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