Tuesday, November 11, 2003

What's Your EQ? Call it your economics quotient. Actually, this quiz just sorts out economic preferences, but with a little more detail than most multiple choicers. It asks you to choose from four "school" answers to each of 25 questions -- a Socialist answer, a Keynesian answer, a Chicago answer, and the right answer . . . er, I mean the Austrian answer.

Try it and see where you fall. I'll give you my guesses: Razor is a solid Keynesian, but with a dash of Chicago. Don't play Monopoly with him, since that's where he lets out his inner capitalist-pig demons and will squash you like fly.

Flyer is a Chicago boy; yeah, he read Ayn Rand and everything, but he's still wary that the market might prove fallible . . . someday.

I suppose you can guess where I sit -- I got an 85. (Link via Hit & Run.)

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