Monday, November 17, 2003

Damn that Marmaduke: Pandagon's list of 2003's most annoying consevatives. It's pretty funny, though not in the way I think the author meant. Bill Keane (creator of the strip Family Circus) and "whoever does Marmaduke" (Brad Anderson, as I found it in 14 seconds with Google, but Pandagon couldn't trouble himself to name) make it in at #13, quite impressive for two cartoonists who I didn't know were still producing new material, but are apparently high ranking puppeteers in the VRWC.

Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity tie for #1 (snore...even most conservatives have gotten bored with Fox News and Coulter's book was criticized from both ends of the spectrum). Oddly enough, Mickey Kaus is #14 (not quite as annoying as large slobbering dogs) for "masquerading as a liberal."

W., disappointinly, only makes it to #7. Hang in there, George. There's always next year.

Good for a chuckle, but Pandagon does little to back up his criticism of any of the Top 20, and some are just laughably irrelevant (Sandy Rios?). Sheesh, this guy annoys easily.

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